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4 Reasons Why You Must Experience The Color of Being


Whether you're a fan of abstract art, Texas artists or Dorothy Hood specifically, the Art Museum of South Texas is a must-visit destination this fall in Corpus Christi. The museum's newest exhibition, The Color of Being/ El Color del Ser: DOROTHY HOOD (1918-2000), opens on September 30, 2016 and runs through January 8, 2017. If one art exhibition per year is your limit, this is THE exhibition for you. And here's why...

She's from Texas y'all!

Born in Bryan, Texas, in 1918 and raised in Houston, Dorothy Hood makes all Texans proud. After living in Mexico for 22 years, Dorothy returned to her Texas roots with a great appreciation for the influence of Hispanic culture.

She’s a hidden gem.

For reasons unknown, Dorothy Hood never quite made it big during her lifetime, but rest assured, she is the artist of our time. It is very rare for an artist to experience fame during their lifetime, if at all, but there are those elite few who have come to be admired post-mortem. She’s in good company in this regard as artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet are considered some of the greatest painters of all time. Much like Dorothy Hood, Van Gogh and Monet used abstract techniques that the world just wasn’t ready for.

Dorothy Hood Art Exhibit - Modern Art Collection 1
Collection of the Art Museum of South Texas, Dorothy Hood Archives

This is the landmark exhibition of Texas.

Fact: Everything is bigger in Texas. The Art Museum of South Texas houses the largest permanent collection and archives of Dorothy Hood artwork and memorabilia. Another fact: The Color of Being / El Color del Ser is the largest collective Dorothy Hood exhibition including pieces from over 30 museums and 55 different collectors across the nation. Need we say more?

Dorothy Hood Art Exhibit - DIY Dorothy

Put your money where your mouth is!

Dorothy Hood makes it look easy, but there’s more to these structured, layered pieces than you think. Try your hand with “DIY Dorothy” and virtually create your own abstract Dorothy Hood inspired piece using gestural technology. Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, simply email it to yourself and have your mom hang it on her fridge (or hang it on your own)!

The Color of Being / El Color del Ser will only be on exhibit in Corpus Christi until January 2017. Plan your trip today and experience this larger than life exhibition for yourself!

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