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About Dorothy Hood


Dorothy Hood, a pioneer Modernist in art.

Born and raised in Texas, Dorothy Hood lived a life of adventure and intrigue.  Earning a scholarship to the Rhode Island School of Design and later studying at the Art Students League of New York, Dorothy’s career varied from artist to model. In 1941, she drove to Mexico City with her friends for a two-week vacation and stayed for 20 years. Dorothy found her greatest influences in Mexico through her love for the country’s cultures, intellectual climate and aesthetics.

While in Mexico, Dorothy gained friends like artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, novelist Ramon Sender, and her biggest influencers and great friends, muralist Jose Orozco and poet Pablo Neruda. The relationships Dorothy Hood created in Mexico were the most influential to her work.

It was in Mexico where Dorothy also found great love with Bolivian conductor José María Velasco Maidana. Married in 1945, Dorothy and José María lived in Mexico and the rest of the world encouraging each other through their artistic talents. Later in life, they eventually settled in Houston, Texas in 1962.

Over four decades, she became a renowned and highly-collected Texas painter whose art is spread across the United States. Her works are included in more than 30 major museums, private collections and foundations throughout the country. After her death in 2000, the Art Museum of South Texas acquired a large portion of her estate including paintings, collages, drawings, prints, the contents of her studio and personal memorabilia.

Science and space influenced her art, in a time before these topics were studied in depth. Lines and large paintings fill the collection. Beautiful collages of color can be found throughout Dorothy’s work. She is a landmark Texas artist who was ages ahead of her time. The description female pioneer modernist is truly fitting.

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