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How you experience art is just as important as art itself. In the age of touch technology, experiencing art shouldn't be any different! Dorothy Hood has taken over the Art Museum of South Texas! More than just paintings on walls, The Color of Being/El Color del Ser: DOROTHY HOOD is a must-see exhibition.

Dorothy Hood was an abstract Modernist and this exhibit has been designed with technology at every turn of the building.

Be Abstract

Just walk into the Art Museum of South Texas and become a work of art. On the walk to Hester's Cafe, watch as  your silhouette morphs like a lava lamp into a Dorothy Hood-esque abstract shape as you make your entrance to the world of abstract art. As you exit into the real world, watch your image come to life.

Dorothy Hood Art Exhibit - Be Abstract

Deconstructed Dorothy

Get a glimpse into layering –a signature of Dorothy Hood's work. Abstract art can be overwhelming but enjoy the simplicity of each layer in this exhibit. See the layers hanging piece-by-piece overhead. Each layer is extracted to show the complexity in Dorothy's technique and at the end you'll find the original piece of art –Ganges River.

Hood and Seek

This is the grown-up, interactive version of hide and seek. Standing in front of an original Dorothy Hood piece, a transparent touch screen allows you to "touch" the art. Find the hot spots to learn about all the techniques Dorothy used on a single piece of artwork. Be quick though, the hot spot will disappear! See how many you can find inside the Art Museum of South Texas.

Dorothy Hood Art Exhibit - Hood and Seek

DIY Dorothy

Take home a souvenir of the best kind: your own work of art! Create collages and drawings just like Dorothy Hood in this special area of the exhibition. With help from the exhibit, use an infrared "paintbrush" to try to make your painting just like Dorothy's. When you're done, see your image on display in the museum, like a true artist, and then email the painting to yourself!

Dorothy Hood Art Exhibit - Interactive

Inner Space

Explore the inner mind of the artist. Dorothy frequently balanced the outer space and the inner mind. Recline and take a look into the pyramid ceiling of the O'Connor Gallery to see the inspirational elements of Dorothy Hood's work—listen to Dorothy herself as she describes her work, sounds of paintbrushes, rain drops and music composed by her husband.

There is no doubt Dorothy would have appreciated the modern twist on this landmark exhibition of her collection. Art may transcend time but this exhibition is only at the Art Museum of South Texas through January 7, 2017. Book your visit now!

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