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The Ultimate Corpus Christi Pokemon Go Guide

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas


Updated August 2016
Traveling is an opportunity to see new sights, view the world from a new perspective, create new memories with those you love best…. AND CATCH POKEMON!! 

But when you’re in a new city, you need to know where the Corpus Christi Pokémon Trainers are finding the best nests, best Pokemon, Pokestops and most active lures.

Pokémon Go has the highest activity in some of the most alluring areas in Corpus Christi, making the stroll a breeze even in the twilight hours. Not only will you fill up your Pokedex but fall in love with the beauty of Corpus Christi.

Here’s your ultimate guide to catching ‘em all in Corpus Christi.




The painted traffic control boxes dotted along the streets of downtown Corpus Christi are not only fun to look at - it’s a corridor of Pokestops!  There are (no joke) approximately 30 Pokestops along Water, Chaparral and Mesquite Streets. Add two Gyms in the downtown area (not including others nearby on the bayfront and in Cole Park and the Water Gardens) and you’ve got an urban Pokémon heaven.

Just remember – downtown has vehicular traffic – so always stay aware of your surroundings!  Look both ways before you cross a street and never enter a private property without permission.   


The Seawall


Located along Shoreline Boulevard, this impressive waterfront remains possibly the best on-foot Corpus Christi experience. Catch views of the sparkling bay and marina walking down the 1.5-mile seawall. Here you can find water and grass-type Pokémon with a few surprise Pokémon along the way. Ghastlys, Pikachus and Seels have been reported in the area by local Trainers.

The Seawall provides gorgeous Pokestop landmarks to keep your Trainer backpack full all day long. Not to mention, the central Seawall Gym is the beautiful Selena Memorial – Mirador de la Flor. Be prepared for a tough battle – this Gym appears to be the most coveted in Corpus Christi!


The Art Center of Corpus Christi / Whataburger by the Bay / Sherrill Park


This cluster of Pokestops features one Gym that has a hidden secret: a magic lure-throwing fairy, who surely resides in the area. This pink-heart-confetti-party lasts 24 hours a day, 7-days a week. (Yes, really!)

Pokémon Trainers can easily walk on the protected crosswalks between the Art Center of Corpus Christi (featuring three Pokestops), Whataburger by the Bay (featuring two Pokestops), and Sherrill Park (featuring three Pokestops and a Gym). Drop some incense and catch a variety of Pokémon: from grass-types to psychic-types.


Sherrill Park attracts lots of Psyducks and Poliwags. The Gym at Sherrill Park is a tough one to beat, with Team Valor holding strong most days.

The beautiful grounds at the Art Center of Corpus Christi attracts everything from Datrinis and Bulbasaurs to Slowpokes and Pikachus. And since it abuts the Seawall, it’s a wonderfully safe place to spend some time catching Pokémon favorites.

When you’re ready to take a break in some shade, pop over to Whataburger by the Bay and grab a root beer float! Be prepared to catch a multitude of Doduos at Corpus Christi’s favorite fast food joint. They have those two mouths for a reason: to stuff ‘em with delicious Whataburgers! 

PLEASE DO NOT attempt to cross the street on Shoreline Boulevard anywhere other than the protected crosswalk. As any solid Pokémon Trainer will tell you, safety first!


The Water Gardens to North Bayfront Park


The most popular and premier Pokémon catching hub in Corpus Christi can be found at the Corpus Christi Water Gardens. Booming with activity, The Watergardens provide Pokestops galore — and that magic lure-throwing fairy from earlier? Yeah, it loves this area as well.

Here you can find serious Pokémon trainers battling for the Gym in the evenings, with families casually lounging and gathering their favorite pocket monsters in the daytime. The Gym is wildly popular with all three teams Valor, Instinct and Mystic and trading hands often. The Watergardens it the perfect spot for Pokémon Go players to chill out and store up on Stardust. You’ll find enough Pidgeys, Staryus, Poliwags, Sandshrews and Squirtels to bring your stardust stores up to the highest level!

In a quest to finally catch your 300th Magikarp? You’re in the right place. Magikarps paint the map all over this area. Not to mention, you’ll be that much closer to a strong Gyarados.

The Watergardens is one of the safest ways to stroll up and down the Seawall to replenish stores of Pokeballs, Ultraballs and Pokémon potions. Be prepared for the errant Ponyta, Growlithe and rare Pokémon. This stroll is said to be a treasure trove for Pokémon Trainers!


Cole Park


Cole Park has said to be a gold mine to Corpus Christi Pokémon trainers. Lure modules are set up here daily for the ultimate experience of Pokémon Catching. Not to mention, beautiful views of the Corpus Christi Bay.

Featuring a playground, a lighted fishing pier, skate park and plenty of open space for Pokémon catching, Cole Park has fun in store for everyone – even non-players. And with a parking lot far enough away from the action, you’ll be able to safely catch some interesting Pokemon such as Charmanders, Squirtles and the occasional Pikachu. On top of this is Shellders, Magikarps, Oddishes, Glooms and Cloysters.

La Palmera Mall


La Palmera Mall is essential to Corpus Christi Pokémon Trainers for two reasons: Pokestops and Gyms. The shopping paradise provides a whopping six Pokestops and three Gyms, hosting events for trainers by activating all six Lures at once for ultimate catching! Truly Pokémon Go heaven. Not to mention, there’s plenty of shopping inside to get all of your Pokémon swag! 


Hilltop Community Center


This hidden gem in the Northside of Corpus Christi is a great place to take a stroll in nature and stock up on Pokémon necessities. Hilltop Community Center features a hiking nature trail with eight Pokestops – providing plenty of raspberries to bait your Pokémon. With a novice level Gym located at the entrance, you can make a stop for a quick battle and build up your experience points and level up as a trainer. Bring plenty of water because the trail is so beautiful you’ll want to stay for more than just a quick stroll.

The only traffic to worry about here is the occasional biker because this trail is secluded from any vehicular traffic. A safe Pokémon trainer is a happy Pokémon trainer!


Pokemon at Corpus Christi Attractions


From Cubone to Meowth to Exeggcute, Geodude to Gloom and Goldeen, area attractions are bursting at the seams with fantastic Pokémon. A small admission fee into each attraction opens the doors to the awesomeness Corpus Christi has to offer…as well as more Pokémon. Check out the special events at the South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center, Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History, Texas State Aquarium, USS Lexington, Art Museum of South Texas and Hurricane Alley Waterpark!



While you’re out catching them all, be sure to stop by the Corpus Christi Visitor Information Center and speak to the Corpus Christi PokeExperts for detailed information and great deals on Corpus Christi’s best attractions!

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