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Media Relations Department

The Visit Corpus Christi Media Relations Department actively assists and engages the media by providing information, research, and images to promote tourism-related publications. In addition, the Media Relations Department supports meeting and group travel clients by offering statistics, images and general information.

Erica Bhakta
Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer


Film Commission

Visit Corpus Christi also works with local and national media outlets for film production needs. The City of Corpus Christi requires a film permit only for public property. Permits are necessary during the following instances:

  1. Filming on a street or sidewalk
  2. Using pyrotechnic or flame effects
  3. Filming at the Corpus Christi International Airport
  4. Filming in a City park or on city beaches
  5. Filming in any City facility
  6. A water meter is needed for temporary water service
  7. Street closures are required
  8. Construction or demolishing buildings
  9. Any film event that affects public safety or public access to public places OR involves city services

To obtain a permit to film on public property, producers must provide the following:

  1. Provide a COI as delineated in the Film Ordinance for the City of Corpus Christi
  2. Provide a $25 application fee
  3. Additional fees and processes may be involved, depending on the complexity of the film production

*Local filmmakers should contact the Corpus Christi Film Commission for information regarding the local permitting process.

If you require a film permit, please complete this form and return to the Corpus Christi Film Commission.

Erica Bhakta
Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer

Request Photos and Video for Promotional Use

Visit Corpus Christi may share material with other non-profits for promotional use through an AGREEMENT approved by the Board of Directors. To request material, please fill out the form below and email to Emily Zertuche, Vice President of Marketing at Agreements will be taken to the Board of Directors at the regularly scheduled board meeting.

Visit Corpus Christi Digital Media Request Form

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