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South Packery Channel Beach AKA South Packery Jetty Beach

Beach Fishing Masthead

Also known as the South Packery Jetty Beach, this sandy refuge serves as the dividing line between Mustang Island and Padre Island. South Packery Channel Beach is often less crowded than its northern counterpart, making it a safe place to spend the day with children or a relaxing environment to enjoy the serenity of the island. If you’re looking for activity, though, fear not -- This beach is a wonderful place to fish, swim, and build sandcastles, and in the calm summer months, you may even be able to go out snorkeling!

South Packery Channel Beach Features

  • Surf fishing
  • Serenity, swimming, and sandcastles

Fantastic Fishing Off Packery Jetty

Right off the jetty sits one of the best fishing spots you could ever hope to find. Anglers love this spot for its easy fishing on the calm waters - Count on catching trout, kingfish, grouper, or even tarpon. There are a couple of options: fish at the jetty, standing up top on a flat surface, or venture down to the rocks closer to the water and fish from there. Prepare to get a little wet in your session if you head down to the water!

Remember to check out Texas’s Tackle Loaner Program if you’re interested in fishing but don’t quite have all the equipment on hand yourself. It’s a great way to try something new without committing to all that gear.

The Sand and the Shore

Swimming at this beautiful beach is always an option, but landlubbers need not despair - There’s plenty to do outside of the water. As South Packery is often less crowded, you can spread out your chairs and towels and pick a space to enjoy a book, gaze out over the waters, or even build a huge sandcastle or fort! This is an excellent area for children, as well, and sits conveniently nearby to many hotels and condominiums.

Remember to always keep an eye on weather conditions if you’re headed into the water. The proximity of the jetty has the potential to create strong riptides!

Can’t Find Us?

You might be a little stumped on how to get here. The only way to reach this beach by vehicle is Access Road 3A -- And remember, you can park on the beach, but you will need a beach parking permit for that.

What you Need To Know

  • Entrance Fees: None
  • Hours: 24/7 365 days a year
  • Parking: If you park on the beach, you’ll need a parking permit
  • There are no public restrooms

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