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Visit Corpus Christi Tourism Academy

A Multi-Level Training Program for Hospitality and Tourism Industry Employees

Customer Service for Tourism

This hour and a half long training course is a perfect fit for anyone who works in tourism – front of house, back of house, entry-level, management – it's the perfect training to remind everyone how to put the needs of our visitors first and understand the impact of the industry on our local community.

Ambassador Level for Tourism

The next step, is our Visit Corpus Christi Ambassador program which is geared more toward mid-level employees, supervisors and managers – individuals who are a bit more committed to their roles and their employers and looking to network with others in the local industry. We’ll host these half-day classroom sessions quarterly at different attractions throughout the city and they’ll be structured a little bit differently. There will be a consistent curriculum portion but we’ll also have different speakers coming in to talk about new things to do, upcoming events or even industry trends and best practices that they can take back to their organization This level will be designed to promote that continued engagement and networking for those people in the industry that want to stay connected and keep growing with the destination.

Tourism Leadership Program

Finally, for those truly committed tourism professionals like each of you, we’ll be rolling out a Tourism Leadership Program! Designed for senior-level tourism professionals, this program will support the career advancement and industry knowledge for emerging leaders in our local industry, to prepare them for establishing that presence on a state and nationwide level. Details for this Tourism Leadership Program are still in the works but will require an application process and time commitment which will include classroom sessions, an individual project, and required extracurricular activities. The hope is that graduates of this leadership program will go on to participate in the four-year Travel and Tourism College program hosted by the Texas Travel Alliance to earn their Certified Tourism Executive designation like Emily & myself, and at the end of the day, Visit Corpus Christi will have done our part in developing a more skilled workforce with top notch engagement and retention of industry experts, from right here in Corpus Christi.

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