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Live Music in August 2018

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Corpus Christi is known for its beaches, but it offers much more like some of the best live music. There is a thriving diverse music scene that will thrill the taste of any music lover.

Whether you're looking for an intimate listening experience or prefer a higher energy concert, Corpus Christi has what you're searching for.

Rediscover Corpus Christi with these not-to-be-missed live music dates coming in August 2018.

August 2

Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen

at Brewster Street Icehouse

Genre- Country

The Randy Rogers Band built its audience through its dynamic live act centered around songs that fit the rowdy, party vibe of the concert circuit while keeping the depth of their lyrics. The Randy Rogers Band tracks give the listener a joyful experience and plenty of reasons to want to down a celebratory brewski while listening. It's no wonder that the Texas-based band has reached the Top 5 of Billboard's country albums chart. Rogers and his band have gone from a rowdy college-town bar group to one of the most successful, longest-running acts in the always burgeoning Texas music scene.

August 9

Koe Wetzel

at Brewster Street Icehouse

Genre- Texas Rock 'n Roll/Americana

The five part band lead by Koe Wetzel brings a strong mixture of southern rock energy with East Texas charm. Wetzel began performing at an early age and found overnight success with what seemed like an immediate fan based in his home state of Texas. Bringing personal experience and inspiration from others to life with a melody has become second nature to this incredible music act.

August 16

Parker McCollum

at Brewster Street Icehouse

Genre- Americana/Texas Country/Indie Rock

Honesty in music is as important to Parker McCollum as breathing. He rejects the music of mainstream, not for its fabricated artists or over-produced sound but, for its lack of creativity and genuine stories of truth and passion. A mix of Americana, Texas Country and Indie Rock is the genesis of McCollum's music career and he channels his creativity into delivering a genuine sound all his own.

August 17

Audic Empire

at House of Rock

Genre- Reggae/Rock

"One solution through a creative bind" is the motto of this Reggae/Rock group. Audic Empire has been creating music since 2010 and since then it has been turning heads in the Austin music scene. Its psychedelic and feel good tunes make for a high intensity performance. Audic Empire has an astonishing sound with the contrast of two singers and a rock solid rhythm section.

August 21

Buckcherry with P.O.D.

at Concrete Street Amphitheater

Genre- Rock

The Old-Fashioned L.A. hard rockers Buckcherry gained its reputation from its -blistering live shows and party-band ways. The five-part band formed in mid-1995 and began performing live. Buckcherry quickly earned a following for their swaggering, grunge-flavored music and crazy live shows. The platinum-selling band's modern rock hits grew to popularity in the 2000s with their multiple hit singles.

While P.O.D plays around with the infectious grooves of reggae and Latin music as well as the heavy deliverance of hip-hop and rock, The four-piece hard rock group have a define message. The born-again Christians put their faith in a central place in their music.

August 23

Stoney LaRue

at Brewster Street Icehouse

Genre- Red Dirt/Texas Country

Stoney LaRue is known for his real life, thinking man's music. He sings of crosswinds blowing down FM roads, of boys playing baseball on a sandlot and of leaving and maybe never coming back again. The Texas-to-Oklahoma transplant's lyrics touch on growing up and growing wiser. Throughout his career, LaRue has meshed the hopeful, big-hearted sound of Red Dirt country he is known for with the influence of classic rockers. Because of his dedicated and loyal fans, the country star recently put out an album that was curated to only include all fan favorites.

August 24

Clay Walker

at Brewster Street Icehouse

Genre- Country

Certain artists just seem to have an innate sense of what it takes to please an audience, and Clay Walker is one of them! Whether on stage or in the recording studio, Walker's work ethic is to never gives less than a hundred percent. His smooth, evocative voice and energetic stage presence quickly established Walker to find national acclaim and a lengthy string of hits have followed.

August 25

El Dusty presents Tropicoso

at House of Rock

Genre- Latin Mix

Local legend and Grammy-nominated DJ El Dusty is the mastermind behind this extravaganza. As part of a large-scale vision for the event, El Dusty combines top-notch world rhythms with leading tropical base artists from all over the world. Concentrating on high quality entertainment and a rad light show, Tropicoso brings this bidi-bidi-bom-boming, nalga-shaking experience into downtown Corpus Christi.

August 30

Johnny Rodriguez

at Brewster Street Icehouse

Genre- Tex-Mex Country

In his 40 year career, Johnny Rodriguez has seen it all and is coming full circle to making the kind of honest country music he and his fans have always enjoyed. He brings Hispanic communities and country music together with his bilingual songs. Rodriguez has crammed more living into the "wonder years" than most people see in a lifetime. With 35 albums, 45 chart-topping singles, playing in every state and performing for past-presidents, Rodriguez has earned his spot in the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame.

August 31

Mexicana & The Monster Squad

at House of Rock

Genre- Latin/Rock/Techno

With Urban/Latin roots, Mexicana is a progressive up-and-coming acts of the decade. Mexicana tracks blend elements of hip-hop, rock, mariachi and electronica into its music. The band has broken the boundaries of traditional Latin music by adding a unique spin to their formula. You can expect to hear booming 808's, old school loops, electronic sounds combined with heavy guitars and pounding drums. The addition of mariachi instruments creates a powerful sound that is sure to spread across all genres of music lovers.

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