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10 Ways Whataburger Is The Best Restaurant Chain EVER!

#1 - The Taj Mahal of Fast Food Restaurants


Whataburger may have started from humble beginnings, but Corpus Christians discovered that two-handed hot and juicy deliciousness was a thing that was going to last. And now - with restaurants all over Texas and in US states that are awesome - Whataburger boasts a two-story, bay-view palace in the heart of their hometown. Did we mention it has an elevator?

#2 - Orange May Be Their Color, But They’re All Red, White and Blue.


A minor-league baseball field. With a statue of Nolan Ryan in front. By the Port. A view of the stunning Harbor Bridge. With fireworks every Friday.   Can you say “‘Merica!”?!

#3 - One State, Undivided, Under WhataburgerPeople love - nay worship - at the altar of Whataburger


Some rename their favorite meal with their own name. Texas exiles (those poor, misguided people) make it their first stop off the plane. Some people get downright emotional about their Whataburger. Some people feel the need to protect it. No matter your race, age, ethnicity or political stripe, we all agree that Whataburger is an entity to cherish. What else can you expect from a restaurant whose slogan is “Just like you like it”?

#4 - Always There For Us. Always.


It’s EVERYONE’s go to place in the middle of the night. Because Whataburger is a beacon in the night for all people.

#5 Spicy Ketchup


The Spicy Ketchup deserves a place of it’s own. Come on - you know it must be good when it inspires costuming!  Sure - Whataburger Fancy Ketchup was already the most delicious, savory goodness ever to grace a french fry or onion ring. But Whataburger brings ketchup to a whole other level with a kick in the pants.

#6 Whataburger - ALL THE TIME


Their food is so good that they had to bottle and box it!  Stop into any HEB grocery store in Texas and you can take all that nom nom nom with you. Because every meal deserves Spicy Ketchup!

#7 It's also WhataBREAKFAST


No doubt, the burgers are the bomb. But the true genius of the masters of the Whataburger kitchens is how they take breakfast to a whole other level. Mouth-watering taquitos at 2 am?  Check. Jalapeño cheddar biscuit?  On point and spiced to your delight. Straight up traditional pancake delciousness that redefines the concept of a fast food pancake?  Yep. They got it. But nothing - repeat NOTHING - can possibly compare to the salty-sweet magical moment when you put a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit in your mouth. This is more than a breakfast sandwich... it's so good it will make you cry. It no doubt changes lives.

#8 Always on Point


What other fast food restaurant is an inspiration for filling your belly -- AND an inspiration for fashion?

#9 Whataburger Gives Back.


Not only do they fill up our bellies - but they fill up our hearts!  Well played, Whataburger!  Well played.TSA Check Presentation

#10 - Whatawinning



They were the hands-down winners of the Drake-Meek Mill drama. What’s next?  World domination, no doubt!



Don't underestimate the power of opinion polls. The undisputed champ of the USA Today poll for best fast food chain hamburger was Whataburger. Drops mic. “Nough said.

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