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15 Totally Ingenious Tips for a Beach Campfire

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

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Beach-front campfires are a favorite among many here in Corpus Christi. The entire atmosphere that surrounds one is always contagiously joyous. They inevitably bring about that feeling of togetherness and warmth, which makes the experience feel so special.

Beach campfires almost always continue late into the night, and sometimes into the early hours! Mustang Island is the perfect location for an unforgettable campfire experience. Here are some tips for creating the perfect campfire memory in Corpus Christi.

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1. Keep your campfire small. Regulations state that fires should be no bigger than three feet high or wide.

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2.Brings lots of pillows and blankets to keep cozy.

Beach Campfire 4

3. Use a shovel to dig a hole in the sand for your campfire. This will block the wind and keep the flames going.

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Photo By: Kirsty TG

4. Or, make it simpler by just using a barbecue pit.

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5. Find a piece of driftwood or large log = amazing seating area.

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6. Pitch an awesome bohemian tent.

you can learn how to here.

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7. Bring along goodies like s’mores and hot dogs.

8. Try using a snack like Teddy Grahams to make s'mores in a bag!

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9. Adults, try this simple and delicious recipe.

10. Add amazing colors to your campfire for the coolest view ever.

Mystical Fire - $8

11. Keep the party going with glow in the dark volleyball.

Beach Campfire 12

12. Bringing a cooler? Throw in a glow stick to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

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13. Be sure to keep a safe distance from buildings, vehicles and dunes. Coastal winds can blow embers around, so keep far away!

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14. Convenience stores by the beach typically carry campfire wood to use. Burn natural wood, not pallets or construction lumber as these contain nails and metal scraps that pollute the beach.

15. Don't leave a fire unattended. When you’re done and ready to go, put the fire out completely.

Now go and get primal! Enjoy your campfire.


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