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3 Buzzworthy Things About Dragonfly Restaurant & Curacao Blues

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

Dragonfly Restaurant & Curacao Blues
Photos courtesy of Dragonfly Restaurant unless otherwise noted

The casual, come-as-you-are atmosphere of Padre Island’s Dragonfly Restaurant & Curacao Blues is perfect after a day at the beach or before a night out on the town. Every square inch of this farm-to-table favorite is as cozy, bright and unpretentious as French Chef Dominique Cordier's cuisine.

1. The Delightfully Decadent Menu

Dragonfly Restaurant & Curacao Blues

The food here is a choose-your-own-adventure: Continental, yes, but also Pacific, English and you better believe Texas Coastal! In the world according to Dragonfly, tapas are not just cute little nibbles, but hearty portions of Crab Cake with Remoulade, Goat Cheese Ravioli or Pig Wings in Panang Coconut Curry Sauce – generous hunks of pork that couldn't stay on the bone if they tried.

Featured dinners like the Shrimp Skewers, specials like the seasonal savory Crawfish Cheesecake or the daily Butcher Block Menu take it to another level. And what’s a restaurant run by a French chef without a pastry case packed with tarts, cakes and other decadent delicacies like Brownie-in-a-Jar – WHAT?!

2. The Crafty and Cozy Atmosphere

Dragonfly Restaurant & Curacao Blues
Photo by Visit Corpus Christi

Dragonfly’s Curacao Blues bar boasts jugs of herb- and fruit-infused vodka, tequila and rum and an exceptional handcrafted cocktail menu to show them off. From the Sangria recipe to a wild 48 oz. monster margarita or snazzy Sazerac, these beachy barkeeps know their craft.

The setting is cordial, with walls covered in hand-scrawled chalkboard menus, buoyant coastal décor and rafters displaying the snazziest collection of vintage Mexican marionettes that ever kicked up a heel on a puppet-show stage.

3. It’s Available To-Go!

Take some Corpus Christi goodness back home! Dragonfly Market sells its delicious barbecue, jerk and pepper sauces and salad dressings like smoky Caesar and Soy Honey by the pint, as well as the popular Tomato Basil soup, house-made Sangria and those devilish Brownies-in-a-Jar.

Dragonfly satisfies the adventurous as well as those in search of some serious home-cooked comfort. When foodies talk about the evolution/revolution of Texas Coastal cuisine, this is what they mean: inventive, playful menus with a focus on fresh ingredients just waiting for you to dig in.

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