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8 Amazing Things about Lorelei Brewing Co.

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

Lorelei Brewing Company is the newest kid on the block to the brewery scene; and with craft beer so tasty, it will have many beer-lovers swooning. In addition to their signature craft beers, Lorelei is upping their game with giant Jenga, entertainment and delicious noms from local food trucks.

Come thirsty and be prepared to discover your new favorite beer!

But just a minute there, cowboys and cowgirls. We know you're just as excited as we are but before entering the path of righteousness, there are some amazing things you should know about before entering the world of Lorelei:


1. Their Story

Lorelei Brewery Image

Varian and Laura Criser, the founders of Lorelei Brewing Company, have dedicated their time to creating exceptional beers for tasting in a welcoming, community oriented taproom. The brew styles provided year-round include a blonde ale, an IPA, stout, and a pilsner. For variety, Lorelei Brewing Co. will always maintain a selection of three to four seasonals and one-off brew style so that the beers will always appeal to craft beer drinkers who can never have enough variety.


2. Their Name

beer paint party at lorelei.png

Lorelei is a feminine water spirit, similar to a siren or mermaid which is rumored to send sailors to their death by luring them near cliffs with her beautiful singing voice.

So don't be mistaken by the virtue of a mermaid. Lorelei doesn't play games. Lorelei is hard-core.


3. The Buxom Blonde Ale

Lorelei Brewing.png

Ahhhh, the Buxom Blonde Ale. The name says it all. The taste is well balanced, plumped with smooth, sweet flavor and comes with a surprising 5.9% ABV. (Unified applause, please.)


4. The Patio

lorelei 3.jpg

Lorelei's patio is the perfect hangout spot for beer lovers and nothing goes better with a delicious craft brew like outdoor games. Challenge others to giant Jenga, corn hole or giant Connect Four. Craft beer and games go together like hops in IPA, yeast in wort, beer and beer and more beer!


5. The Legend of the Pint Pilfer


After students at London's Essex College reported the pilfering of pints at their favorite local brew pub, British artist Liam Manchester investigated scratches on the bar. The legend is that a sharp-clawed devil jumped up, drank the unsuspecting victims' brew and left all with empty glasses! Manchester sculpted the mischievous gargoyle culprit with a diabolical look and a Cheshire smile. You can find the markings on the bar of Lorelei Brewing Company's taproom.


6. The Taproom

The tasting room captures everything Lorelei Brewing Company is about. Craft beer, locally crafted tables and chairs (yes! all made-from scratch!) and a giant glass wall to see the brewery in action.


7. The Mermaid

Perfect for photo ops in the patio is the beautiful mermaid sculpture. After drinking Lorelei beer, you can find yourself making this mermaid's pose.



Come thirsty for your visit to Lorelei Brewing Company!

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