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A Corpus Christi Camping Crash Course: 4 Factors to Consider

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

With all of its beaches and wildlife, Corpus Christi offers prime campsites and activities for the whole family. Before you pack up for your next nature trek, take a moment to review everything available in Corpus Christi. If you don’t take a look now, you may miss out on some of our hottest attractions when you get here!

1. Best places to camp in Corpus Christi.

Mustang Island State Park tent

Three of Corpus Christi’s best camping locales are Padre Island National Seashore, Mustang Island State Park and Padre Balli County Park. Each park offers a unique experience, including the opportunity to camp under the stars—right on the beach. If these parks aren’t your speed, try one of the Coastal Bend’s plenty of other parks open to campers, many of which are also great spots for spotting wildlife, picnicking or enjoying a friendly game of volleyball on the local court.

2. Loads of fun on land.

Sandcastles and Shells Image 1

There are plenty of activities you and your family can enjoy while soaking up Corpus Christi’s best natural features. That includes learning to build sandcastles like the pros, scanning the shore for beautiful seashells, striking it rich by metal detecting for ancient coins and enjoying s’mores over beach bonfires.

3. Bottomless fun in the water.

Beach Fishing

While you’re camping, enjoy one of Corpus Christi’s great spots for ocean fun. Being so close to the water, you can enjoy fishing in the Corpus Christi Bay or, if you visit Mustang Island, the Gulf of Mexico. If fishing isn’t your speed, find your balance on a surfboard, get an exciting arm workout on a kayak or earn your sea legs by exploring the water on a boat.

4. Best locations to stock up on supplies.

Many convenience stores near your destination keep common camping gear in their inventory. For a wider selection of axes, firestarters, tents and more, visit some of Corpus Christi’s popular camping and sporting goods stores. Once you’re in Corpus Christi, be sure to keep extra sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and some lightweight, long-sleeve shirts to protect you from the sun and wind, especially if you’re camping out on the beach.

There’s never a dull moment when you’re in Corpus Christi! If you get tired of camping or need to get away from your tent for a few hours, head downtown for world-class restaurants, entertainment and more. You’re bound to find something for the whole family!

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