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Stunning Corpus Christi Sunsets


by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

In Corpus Christi, Texas, sky shades of blue, orange and pink blend perfectly to create the perfect sunset and an ideal backdrop for your evening. Any day is a good day to see sundown in Corpus Christi. Clear days when you can see straight across the Corpus Christi Bay bring beautifully colored shades to the sky. Rainy mornings create the most magical sunsets. Even foggy days provide a mystical setting in the sky.

Padre Island

Watch the sunset as you sip on a cocktail or dive into your shrimp basket at Snoopy’s Pier. Doc’s Seafood and Steaks is another great spot to sit on the deck and watch the day come to an end. These local favorites, located underneath the JFK Causeway, have some of the best (and unobstructed) views of the sunset!

Harrison's Landing

Stunning Corpus Christi Sunsets

Sitting on a floating dock restaurant in the middle of the Corpus Christi Municipal Marina with the sun slowly setting behind the city skyline is gorgeous sight. Enjoy a cold drink while watching the sun peak through every nook and cranny of the downtown city scape.

Swantner Park

Located along Ocean Drive, watch the sun set over the magnificent homes, the distant city skyline and Harbor Bridge. Turning your back on the sunset may seem unconventional but in this spot you can also take in a wide-frame view of the Corpus Christi Bay. This might just be the best sunset secret spot in Corpus Christi.

Sunsets and sunrises are free twice a day; don’t miss any in Corpus Christi. Head to your hotel room to kick back, relax and get ready for tomorrow’s majestic sunrise. See you in Corpus Christi!

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