Digital Darkroom,  An Exploration of Altered Realities at the Art Museum of South Texas : Corpus Christi Texas

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Digital Darkroom,  An Exploration of Altered Realities at the Art Museum of South Texas

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The Art Museum of South Texas brings an innovative and exciting exhibit to Corpus Christi as part of the Annenberg Space for Photography, based out of Los Angeles, California:  Digital Darkroom,  An Exploration of Altered Realities.


As one of the most accessible and personal forms of art, photography captures - in its essence - exactly what the photographer sees in that one moment of time. Digital Darkroom, however, presents altered realities using a photograph and digital or darkroom manipulation. This multi-media experience - complete with a 3D  film exhibit - mashes technology with traditional photography.


The exhibit features the works of Josef Astor, Pierre BeteilleJoel GrimesTed GrudowskiClaudia Kunin,  Chris Levine, Bonny Pierce LhotkaKhuong Nguyen, Mike Pucher,

Jean Francois Rauzier, Martine Roch, Christopher Schenberger, Brooke Shaden, Stanley Smith, Maggie TaylorJerry Uelsmann and Jean-Marie Vives.


Each artist is a master of different types of digital techniques: compositing highly layered imagery, working in 3D and lenticular imaging, meticulously stitching together images, using lighting in highly inventive ways, and so many others.  


These artists and techniques they use are representative of a generation of artists that are changing the way we view the world around us.



Digital Darkroom will be exhibited in the Art Museum of South Texas through December 31, 2017. Don’t miss this unique visual art experience in Corpus Christi! 


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