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Dive Right In To The Best Dives & Drive-Thru's In Corpus Christi

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

Got a hankering for something a little off the grid that will satisfy your nom nom noms?  Every city has them and Corpus Christi has quite a few drive-thrus and dives to squelch that craving. You find them tucked away in a part of town less traveled. The epitome of local, the drive-in and dives of Corpus Christi give an interesting and off the beaten path dining experience unique to the city.

So slip on your flip flops, throw on your comfy jeans and head to these spots… because this is about getting your favorite spoonful of taste explosion in your mouth and not about your fancy clothes.  The only thing you’ll worry about in these dives is how fast you can dive into the food!


Boat N’ Net

Boat N’ Net has been the locals favorite drive-thru seafood joint for decades. And it’s no wonder. With super affordable prices and seafood deliciousness, Boat n Net is like heaven on a budget. And just to keep it real, when Eva Longoria made a trip back home to Corpus Christi where did she go?  That’s right. Boat N’ Net, BOOM! Plus - you haven’t experienced hilarity until you’ve ordered your fast food through a PVC pipe!

Snapka’s Drive-Inn

In a world of flashy neon-lit fast food drive-ins, it’s nice to know that there’s still room for old-school service and old-school deliciousness. That’s what Snapka’s Drive-Inn embodies. Whether it’s a diner-style dish to delight your taste buds or their old-fashioned Dixie Cheeseburger, you’ll fall in love with this unpretentious spot. Do yourself a favor and order a milkshake - it’s seriously a treat and a meal in and of itself. And as if the food was not a unique enough experience, stop in on a Snapka’s Cruise Night and check out all makes and models of antique cars, muscle cars and everything exciting to a car aficionado.


Sonny’s Barbacoa

It’s Corpus Christi’s way of saying welcome to your home away from home. Part restaurant, part drive-thru, Sonny’s Barbacoa is a family-owned an operated institution in Corpus Christi. Avid fans of the restaurant swear by the three different salsa offerings. And there are claims that this restaurant has the best homemade flour and corn tortillas in all of Corpus Christi (a pretty serious claim - Corpus Christi LOVES its tortillas!). Of course, when it comes to barbacoa, locals seem to believe that Sonny’s is the undisputed king of this tasty Tex-Mex staple. The space is small and easily missed - but it’s definitely worth venturing out to Port Avenue to discover for yourself.

B&J’s Pizza

A little shopping strip off of South Padre Island Drive at Airline Road hides a slice or two of heaven - B&J’s Pizza. Don’t let the unassuming exterior fool you. This. Pizza. Will. Blow. Your. Mind. Fans rave about the crust. Others rave about the fresh, quality ingredients and sauce. No matter what you like in your pizza, B&J’s gives it to you with lip-smacking mmmm mmmm mmmm! Customer service is excellent because it definitely has that feeling that everyone knows your name when you walk through the door. Bonus - with an amazing selection of beers in the fridge and beers on tap in the back room, even the most discerning hipster in your crowd will find an adult beverage to truly enjoy! 

Hi-Ho Restaurant

Aka - Selena Central. Yes, the food is muy delicioso with the old-school, straight-up authentic Tex-Mex menu, but you can’t miss the fact that this restaurant is practically a tribute to La Reina, right in the heart of Selenaville.   And what makes it even more epic - her sister and father are known to stop by for lunch even to this day!  And let’s talk about their their mouth-watering carne guisada. It will make you think you of your abuelita’s cooking - and keep you coming back for more. Oh — and more more thing — when it comes to fideo, they don’t mess around!  Check out all their options on the daily special menu. 3703 Morgan Ave.


Bibeau’s Soup Er BowlBibeau's Souper Bowle

Nestled in an industrial area of Corpus Christi, Bibeau’s Soup Er Bowl is a tiny mecca of delish!  The seating is very limited, so consider getting an order to go if you’re there during lunch rush hour. But it’s so worth it because everything made in this steam kitchen is just down-home greasy goodness. The nap-inducing food will keep your belly satisfied for hours on end!  And you must - REPEAT MUST - try the breakfast on a bun. It’s the stuff of legends!

Experience Corpus Christi food like a local and try these little spots off the beaten path for a slice of Corpus Christi life!


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