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Easy Ridin' In Corpus Christi

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by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

1. Corpus Christi Bay Loop  

The entire ride is about 65 miles and it goes through all parts of the Corpus Christi area. You will be traveling through the following places:

  • Ocean Drive
  • Flour Bluff
  • Mustang & Padre Islands
  • Port Aransas (Take a ferry across the channel)
  • Aransas Pass
  • Ingleside
  • Portland
  • Downtown Corpus Christi

Start your journey at any one of these locations and make your way around the bay, making sure to stop and take pics along the way!

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This is the best way to see all the scenic areas that Corpus Christi has to offer, and, of course, there are plenty of options to choose from whenever you feel like stopping for a quick bite!

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2. Petronila – FM 43

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This ride, technically, is not part of Corpus Christi but it does offer some smooth, curvy roads for those of you who like to lean your bike hard during turns. This ride leaves from south Weber Road and takes you southwest, heading towards Kingsville, into the small town of Driscoll. This ride won’t give you that coastal vibe, but it will give you the fresh open feeling of riding through the South Texas farm lands. You’re here for the ride and the feeling of freedom and the rush you get from twisting that throttle.

3. “Neighborhooding”

For those of you who like to go through upscale neighborhoods to look at houses and landscaping, consider taking a ride down Ocean Drive. With about 7 miles of multi-million dollar homes, you’re riding alongside the bay the whole time. Corpus Christi was designed with the “people” in mind, so don’t worry about those homes blocking your view… there are plenty of parks scattered throughout! Pull your bike in for a pit stop and snap those scenic pics! If you’re feeling adventurous, turn into one of the neighborhoods and find yourself in another maze of beautiful homes to explore.

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Keep it simple when you go for a ride and explore places you’ve yet to discover. Take random turns wherever something catches your eye and keep branching off from there.

You’re not getting lost, you’re starting an adventure.

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