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Experience Kayak Fishing in Corpus Christi

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by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

Occasionally people ask why we enjoy kayaking or why we don't use motored boats to blast down the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) to get to our favorite fishing spots in Corpus Christi. The benefits of kayaking are plenty and some of the reasons that are the same across the board are what’s making the sport one of the fastest growing segments in fishing.

On a busy summer day, boat ramps can become crowded, which speaks to how great the fishing is in the area. There’s a little secret though, fishing is great in the Corpus Christi area, year-round.

One of the best things about kayak fishing is the ability to launch almost anywhere there’s a shoreline. Designated kayak launches are plentiful in the area and a short paddle will have anglers of all ages on the water fishing for their trophy or favorite table fare. In addition, many kayaking spots are too shallow and secluded for bigger fishing boats to get to, leaving many fish undisturbed and ready for catching!

Another great reason to kayak is the cost. It beats having to gas up a boat and a truck! Not to mention maintenance costs are a fraction of the cost and time when compared to a bay or offshore boat. With a kayak, you just load it up on the roof rack, in the bed of a truck or on a light trailer with your gear. Just make sure you strap it down securely.

Have you ever paddled up to tailing redfish or been pulled around by an oversized drum? The silence of paddling compared to the roaring sound of an outboard have enabled more anglers to paddle up and cast to a school of tailing reds. That sight alone is breathtaking. Add a “sleigh ride” from one of these awesome creatures tugging on your fishing line then not only is it a great feeling of accomplishment but a fantastic story to tell as well. Bring your GoPro or other recording device so you have proof to show your friends and family!

Last but certainly not least (or even close to the end of an ever growing list), is getting in touch with nature. Some locations have limited phone service as well. Not only will you not have phone calls or e-mails in a few locations, you can actually see wildlife such as whitetail deer, migrating ducks, dolphins and sea turtles. Even if you’re not catching fish, the things you may see are almost limitless!

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