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Fiesta de la Flor: What to Bring & What to Leave Home


by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

You’ve got your tickets and your hotel. You’ve got your perfect outfit together to take a selfie with the Madame Tussauds Selena Wax Figure. But before you finish packing your bags, please make sure that you’re prepared for safety and security at the 2017 Fiesta de la Flor presented by CITGO. With that, here’s some information that you’ll need to know before you leave home.

Stay hydrated

We all know it can get a little warm in South Texas!  So it’s important to make sure to keep liquids flowing through your body so you can dance to that Tejano Cumbia flow all day and night!  When you hit the Cerveza Stations presented by L&F Distributors, make sure to buy a bottle of water while you’re there - keeps you cool and sober for a fun weekend celebrating La Reina.   

Keep your belly full

With all the dancing and strolling and enjoyment, you better make sure to avoid the hangries to keep your awesome festival vibe alive. Stop by La Plaza presented by Stripes and grab some tasty treats.  La Plaza features more than 20 food trucks with a variety of food to keep you feeling satisfied and energized throughout the festival!

YES! You can bring in all the bags!

The rules have changed a bit for the festival in 2017. Large bags will be allowed into the festival grounds. This includes diaper bags, backpacks and all manner of bags. There is one small catch:  all bags must go through a separate security check at the festival entry gates, located at Shoreline Boulevard and Resaca Street.

For easy entry into the festival with no lines, keep your bags smaller than 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches.

The only arms allowed are yours - waving in the air

We’re all at the festival to sing, dance and celebrate Selena and how she had a positive impact on all of our lives. So there’s no need to bring firearms or weaponry of any type into Fiesta de la Flor. The Fiesta de la Flor security team will wand every ticket holder at the Main Entrance on Shoreline Boulevard and Resaca Street- so make sure to get in line early and follow the rules so you don’t have to go back to your car and put your prohibited items away.

Baby Wheels

But there will be a lot of people. A. Lot. Of. People. To help everyone move in the festival, Fiesta de la Flor will only allow small, umbrella strollers on the festival site. Large strollers will not be allowed into the festival site.

Plenty of places to sit and relax - and space to move about

Fiesta de la Flor strives to ensure there’s enough space for everyone to move freely throughout the festival’s event site. With two parks and an entire seawall, picnic tables and

even a water feature, there will be plenty of spaces for people of all ages to be near all the action and enjoy the festival.

We’ve also added some additional seating opportunities in the Chill Zone facing the main stage.   And for added seating, feel free to chill out at the satellite screen - which is a live feed of all the main stage action. The satellite screen is located at the far north end of the festival on the barge dock.

And while you’re on the barge dock, make sure you take advantage of all the cool games, face painting, caricature artists and the official Fiesta de la Flor coloring book station. The good folks at Mead Johnson are back in 2017 to give away some great products for you and your family.

The McDonald’s Fiesta Tour will be in full swing on the barge dock, with Dr Pepper giving out some free samples. Check out the McDonald’s Fiesta Tour’s new amenities in the fantastic mobile museum including a suit from Marc Anthony and jacket from Pit Bull.

And when the sun starts to set, the barge dock turns into an amazing dance floor. Grammy-nominated artist El Dusty and Skip Entertainment bring you a mind-blowing silent disco experience that well help you feel all the Selena love!

Scalpers - the worst people for festivals

Seriously, scalpers are the worst!  Why would someone sell a $15 ticket for $100 or more to take advantage of your love for Selena and all things Fiesta de la Flor?

Don’t buy a ticket from a scalper. The Fiesta de la Flor team purposely keeps the tickets affordable so that all of Selena’s fans can come celebrate together during this special weekend. Scalpers are ready to take advantage of that love and there is no guarantee that they are selling valid tickets.

All tickets have counterfeit measures in place. Ticketfly tickets will be scanned and all ticket holders will need to be prepared to show an ID that matches the name on the ticket. And H-E-B tickets have a special printing process that will not allow replication. Moral of the story - get your tickets early so a scalper doesn’t take advantage of you! 

And make sure to get in line early so the ticket check process will be easy for you!  The awesome Ticketfly team will have customer service on site to help answer any question you may have with your Ticketfly ticket!   The Ticketfly customer service booth will be located at the Shoreline Boulevard entrance.

Fiesta de la Flor follows strict safety and security guidelines to ensure that everyone has a great time - and goes home safe! For a complete list of information of the dos and don’ts for Fiesta de la Flor, check out this handy-dandy link.

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