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Flavorful Fall Favorites: South Texas Style

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

poblano soup

Despite outdoor temps still reaching into the 90s in South Texas this time of year, the heat that this soup packs is sheer delight!  The best news---you don’t have to wait until fall to enjoy it; this tasty, award-winning soup is offered year-round!

Where you can enjoy it: Nuevo Café, 1124 Ayers St.

poblano soup
Photo via Yelp.com

Pumpkin empanadas

Is there anything more delicious than a soft, homemade pastry filled with the best flavors of the season?  Look no further than the pumpkin empanadas that you’ll find right here in Corpus Christi.

Where can you enjoy: La Michoacana Bakery, 3829 Crosstown Expressway

pumpkin empanadas
Photo via TheLatinKitchen.com


A tamale is a work of art and the effort that goes into preparing these little masa-filled bundles of joy should not be taken lightly. The Fall season ramps up tamale production in Corpus Christi as locals begin preparing for the holidays and hungry loved ones. Traditional tamale varieties in South Texas include pork, beef, and chicken--- all of which can be found fresh daily to satisfy even the strongest tamale craving.

Where can you enjoy: Rosie’s Tamales, 4838 Ayers St.

Photo via RosiesTamales.com

Pumpkin cheesecake

For your sweet tooth that just will not be denied, pumpkin cheesecake will hit the spot every time….and quite possibly your hips, but who’s counting calories this season?  Creamy, decadent, all of the things…..

Where you can enjoy: Water Street Seafood Company, 309 N. Water St.

Pumpkin cheesecake

Photo via facebook.com/WaterStreetCC

king ranch casserole

A true South Texas favorite, King Ranch Casserole blends the best Texan flavors all in one amazing, hearty dish. Always a staple on the holiday buffet spread, you don’t have to wait until the humidity dies down and the temps drop to enjoy it. This regional dish is often offered as a special at least once a week at a variety of restaurants across the Coastal Bend.

Where you can enjoy: Price’s Chef, 1800 S Alameda St.

king ranch casserole

Photo via DishMaps.com

roasted turkey sliders with cranberry chipotle salsa

For a gourmet, yet casual (this is Corpus Christi, after all), twist on seasonal delights, one local Corpus Christi chef is serving up flavorful sandwiches with a regional kick. Combining sweet & spicy elements, the Roasted Turkey Sliders with Cranberry Chipotle Salsa are nothing short of omg-goodness in your belly. An additional side item that isn’t on the menu but comes complimentary:  the amazing view of the Corpus Christi Bay.

Where you can enjoy: Coastline Café, 707 N. Shoreline Blvd.

roasted turkey sliders

Photo via Holiday Inn Downtown Marina Hotel

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