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5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants Where You Can Still Grab a Drink

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

Vacations are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your kids. Let’s face it, they’ll be grown up and out of the house before you realize it. However, kids can be exhausting, and a whole week entertaining them is sure to take its toll.

After a full day of fun in the sun, unwinding over dinner with a nice beer, glass of wine, or cocktail probably sounds amazing. Yet, there’s nothing worse than getting to the restaurant and having to deal with picky eaters or bored kids. Luckily, we’ve assembled some of the best, kid-friendly restaurants around Corpus Christi where you can also unwind with a well-deserved drink.

1. B&J’s Pizza

Spring Break Brewery Tour - B & Js

Why kids will love it

What kid doesn’t like pizza? B&J’s offers a family atmosphere and a friendly staff with a wide variety of menu options to satisfy the most pint-sized pizza aficionado. For kids 12 and under, you can opt for the personal pizza. That way everybody gets exactly what they want.

Why you’ll love it

Let your kids pig out on pepperoni while you indulge with a draft list longer than your tween’s list of complaints. Offering beers from around the Coastal Bend, Texas and pretty much everywhere else, as well as some from their on-site brewery. Plus, we all know it’s not just kids who love pizza!

2. Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet

Why kids will love it

Whether they order from the hibachi menu or opt for the ridiculously huge buffet, there’s sure to be something your kids will love. Besides the food, watching these amazing chefs prepare delicious food right at your table is definitely entertaining. Wait until they see the flaming onion!

Why you’ll love it

Besides the same reasons listed above, this traditional hibachi is a nice change of pace from the ordinary. If your kids have never been to a hibachi before, it’s definitely a way to earn some cool parents points. Oh yeah, there’s also a full bar for mom and dad. Want to get into the cultural spirit? Try some sake with your meal.

3. Scuttlebutt’s Seafood Bar and Grill


Why kids will love it

Well, first of all, the name will probably elicit a snicker or two. Secondly, Scuttlebutt’s offers a crazy huge menu for even the pickiest eaters. You’ll find everything from traditional seafood fare to burgers to unique dishes. Try the grilled peanut butter sandwich!

Why you will love it

The menu extends into some of the best seafood and steak this side of the Red River. The atmosphere is perfect for relaxing or taking in a football or baseball game. Enjoy time with the ones you love over a nice drink or cocktail from the extensive bar.

4. Wallbanger’s Burgers


Why kids will love it

At Wallbanger’s, you have complete control over what (and what doesn’t) go into your burger. Kids can create whatever burger sounds good to them. Hey, it’s harder to complain you don’t like your food when you built it yourself.

Why you’ll love it

While the burgers are great for your cheat day or when you’re not in the mood to grill yourself, you’ll also find a full draftlist in an atmosphere reminiscent of the burger joints of old. Mystify your kids with stories of drive-ins and diners.

5. Texas Mesquite BBQ and Grill

Why kids will love it

This wouldn’t be Texas if we didn’t include at least one barbeque joint. This one is great for your adventurous eaters. You’ll find plenty of bbq mainstays such as brisket and pork, but you’ll also discover wild game options such as bison, elk and even camel! Whatever your kids get, they’ll love these finger-lickin’ recipes.

Why you will love it

Besides all the great bbq options, there’s a great selection of beer and wine to go with them. It’s also the perfect spot to catch a sporting event. The intimate atmosphere will have you feeling like a Corpus Christi native in no time.

Whether you’re in the mood for seafood, barbecue, or just some really good pizza, there’s a dinner spot that’s perfect for you and your kids. And hey, why should you forgo a well-deserved drink at the end of the day? No matter where you choose, always remember to drink responsibly.

Want to discover more great restaurants in and around Corpus Christi? Explore more fantastic, kid-friendly eateries here.

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