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On the Road to Recovery: Corpus Christi gets back on its feet thanks to AEP Texas

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

On the Road to Recovery:  Corpus Christi gets back on its feet thanks to AEP Texas


When Hurricane Harvey directly landed in the Coastal Bend in the early morning hours of August 26, the nation collectively held its breath for the dawn to unveil the aftermath.


As the sun rose, the devastation was disheartening. Beloved vacation spots like Rockport-Fulton and Port Aransas were unrecognizable. Familiar spots - where vacationers take selfies and share photos of their favorite dishes at unique local restaurants - were either no longer standing or in need of major repair. And residential communities like Bayside, Ingleside, Refugio, Woodsboro and Aransas Pass were brought to their knees.


Corpus Christi also felt the affects of this Category 4 storm. Along with its neighbors, the city was largely without power -  the fundamental element to making a city fully operational.

In the hours immediately following the eyewall’s movement northward, where it continued to wreak havoc on some of Texas’ favorite cities, the common sight in the Coastal Bend was power poles snapped in half, blocking streets and obstructing access to homes and businesses. What were once sturdy, proud oak and mesquite trees, Harvey left a twisted tangled mass of wood enmeshed in power lines.



It was humbling and crushing to see.

As Coastal Bend evacuees made their way back to their homes, the trip down I-37 South provided hope:  along the route, hundreds of AEP Texas trucks drove alongside them— loaded with heavy machinery and equipment.

Within 24 hours of the storm’s landing, AEP Texas brought approximately 5,600 people from from all over the country - whether they were mutual assistance companies or sister companies - to help the Coastal Bend.


AEP Texas trained for this eventuality. A coastal city and its partners must be prepared to assist in the immediate recovery of important infrastructure like power. AEP Texas and their partners not only worked tirelessly in 16 hour shifts, they comforted an anxious and concerned community. They communicated with city officials and neighborhoods the timeline of when they expected power to be restored.


As of September 16, AEP Texas has been able to fully provide power to nearly all customers that can receive it or have chosen to receive it.

Rockport-Fulton is welcoming visitors back to their community. Their signature restaurants are opening and their annual Seafair festival will happen on October 12-15. Port Aransas is also on the mend as more and more businesses open their doors.

The Coastal Bend is full of hearty folks. And while Hurricane Harvey may have destroyed physical properties, the resiliency of the Coastal Bend will live on.     Neighbors continue to help neighbors. Businesses like AEP Texas continue to be there for their customers.



AEP Texas has started to deploy in order to assist those also affected by Hurricane Irma in Florida.   Florida is in good hands.


Thank you to AEP Texas and their partners for working diligently to help Corpus Christi move forward in its recovery process. They did more than bring power back to the city — they helped the city see light at the end of the tunnel.


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