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Pro Beach Tips – 7 Tips for 7 Fun Days in the Sun

Follow these beach pro tips for your vacation in Corpus Christi and you can have your cake and eat it too, as the saying goes!

  1. Beach Parking Permits – Beach parking permits are required in designated areas from Port Aransas to south of Bob Hall Pier. The cost is $12 for an annual pass and that’s a small price to pay for unlimited fun in the sun! Purchase your permits at the Visitor Information Center, located at 1521 N. Chaparral St. in Heritage Park

Beach Parking Permit 2017

  1. Drinking on the Beach – While it’s perfectly OK to enjoy a beverage on all Corpus Christi beaches (no glass containers though), make sure you do so responsibly. FYI - Port Aransas passed an ordinance prohibiting alcohol consumption on the beach from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. between March 12, 2016 and March 20, 2016. This ordinance does not apply to Corpus Christi beaches.
  1. Sunscreen and Sunglasses – While the sun is out, the fun is in session! Make sure to remember sunscreen and your sunglasses so your first day of Spring Break won’t be a memory of a wicked burn that will last throughout your vacation!
  1. Firewood – Not only can you drive on our beaches but you can have campfires! All locations that allow campfires have a maximum size of 3’x3' space. Big enough for cooking and having fun on the beach! Mustang Island State Park has slightly different rules regarding campfires than the other beaches of Corpus Christi, so be sure to check out the links provided for the most up-to-date information.
  1. Ice Chest – Don’t forget your ice chest and all of your favorite beverages! There are many spots on the way to stop and get beverages, but you don’t want to miss a minute of our family-friendly beaches by not being prepared!
  1. Chairs – Folding chairs are probably one of the most overlooked necessities for the beach. Make sure you pack yours and get comfortable on the beaches this Spring Break!
  1. Towels – You’ve made it from your land-locked location to the Gulf of Mexico or one of the bay locations; why not get in the water? From wading and splashing to surfing and kayaking, our destination provides beach-goers with miles and miles of water to access for fun in the sun.

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