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Waves Resort featuring Schlitterbahn Waterpark Splashes Into Summer


by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

(All photos courtesy: Waves Resort featuring Schlitterbahn Waterpark)

Nothing “lazy” about these rivers

Grab your BFF (best floating friend), find a tube, pop it on, and float, float on at Waves Resort featuring Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Corpus Christi. This park boasts an interconnected system of various tubing “river” rides – like the Deluge, the Tidal Wave River and the Whitewater Express. The miles of tubing channels range from tumultuously turbulent to delightfully dawdling — characteristics of real rivers. Don’t call them “lazy.” Call them Transportainment™. After all, they are working overtime to deliver you to your one true destination: Fun! The best part is that with all the rivers connecting, you never have to get out… well, until they close the park.

Things that make you go whoooosh!


Schlitterbahn Waterpark is a favorite of ACE, the nickname of the American Coaster Enthusiasts group of roller coaster junkies. ACE knows where to find thrills at main source of so much waterpark industry innovation. After all, what’s a Schlitterbahn Waterpark without some crazy rides that have you questioning your sanity? Whether it’s the Boogie Bahn surf-simulator, the Blaster uphill water coasters or the Shoot the Chute flume ride that can carry up to 15 at once, Corpus Christi Schlitterbahn Waterpark’s rollicking rides will ensure you “get some air” while you are gasping for it.

(Pro Tip: Show off your knowledge of vintage technology and point out to your friends the parts of rides that are made from decommissioned ships while letting it slip that the big blue water churn that moves 35,000 gallons of water a minute is called an "Archimedes Screw." Extra points if you can spell Archimedes.)

Sip and sup at Eats Epicurea Restaurant & Bar



Word’s getting out about this once best-kept secret. You can tell by the locals who are making Waves Resort’s in-house resort restaurant, Eats Epicurea Restaurant & Bar, a regular Island hot spot. Of course, there are the classics: hearty chicken fried steak, cheeseburger, and that Texas favorite, chips and salsa… and guac… and queso, aka Tres Dips (I dip, you dip, we dip!). The mac & cheese can’t be beat, unless you factor in the seafood, like the Tropical Shrimp, Seared-Ahi Tuna Salad and the Red Drum Ponchartrain. Check ahead before your trip; their versatile indoor event spaces and ginormous outdoor breezeway are often host to some pretty kickin’ community shindigs open to the public.

(Pro Tip: Let the little ones feel like big shots and order their own "mocktail." The bartenders here are game to make family-friendly punch.).

We knew you’d resort to this


Even many well-informed Texans still don’t realize that some Schlitterbahn parks have on-site resort hotels. Corpus Christi has one of the mightiest, Waves Resort. The formidable four-story façade bears that trademark alpine tower and utilizes cords of recycled Loblolly Pine from the infamous Bastrop wildfires. Recycle, reuse, and repurpose is sort of their mantra. Many groupings of rooms are configured to allow larger groups to turn individual rentals in to large suites – so don't freak out if junior invites the entire glee club. Plus, resort guests enjoy the ultimate amenity: all members of your party not only get tickets to the park for each day booked, but for the arrival and departure days as well.

Ain’t life beachy


For those who obtained their Master’s degree in Chillaxitude, Schlitterbahn Waterpark has many, many “beaches” – areas with lots and lots of lounge chairs and rows and rows of palapas and even a heated swim-up bar for good measure. These are great places to get a tan, take a breather and park the less-thrill-seeky of the crowd.

More amenities to shake a golf club at


This new park planned for lots of hang-out time with the fam and friends. The place is covered in individual palm-thatched cabanas. Call ahead to make reservations. Another unique aspect of Waves Resort is that it was developed out of a previous country club and still boasts a 9-hole golf course. Locals are members and comprise a nice slice (no pun) of the park's culture. Affordable annual golf memberships are available to out-of-towners and come with lots of waterpark benefits to boot.

Things to watch for this summer


Summer is just beginning to rev up. For all the latest updates on weekly live music concerts, unique festival events, golf camps, tennis programs and more, check out the event page on Waves Resort featuring Schlitterbahn Waterpark's website.

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