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Shop Green, Save Green with Resale Shopping

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

Resale shopping isn’t just for the thrifty anymore. Shopping secondhand is gaining new life with a generation of fashionistas who want to look good and be earth friendly. Resale shopping counts as recycling, you see, and Corpus Christi has several unique stores to explore.



Hit Threads for a peek inside the closets of Corpus Christi’s young and hip. Its stylish displays show you what to wear now, showing full outfits from shoes to accessories. Threads prides itself on buying what’s fresh, selecting the most desirable items, based on style, season, brand and condition. With a continuous cycle of buying, the inventory is ever changing, making each visit a new adventure. Scour the racks to find the perfect fringed blouse, jeans that are snug in all the right places, or the statement necklace that pulls it all together. The store also has a selection of men’s clothes. Threads Kids is just next door for the little ones. Shop, sell, trade is the motto here. You’ll never run out of room in your closet or suitcase.

Jypsy’s Treasures & Consignments Resale Shops

Jypsy’s Treasures & Consignments

The mom-and-daughter duo behind Jypsy’s has seen the trends of fashion come through the doors of their store for 27 years. Shoppers used to come in for the deals, but now a new generation is coming in to be green, not just save green. With a severe discount section and a $1 table, smart shoppers can restyle for each season at a fraction of the cost of shopping new. At Jypsy’s you’ll find everyday wear, a good selection of dresses and outfits for the casual workplace. Vintage clothing makes Jypsy’s a good stop for Halloween or costume parties. The handbag wall is full of beautiful designer bags in wonderful condition. Did we mention the discounts?! The wide selection and friendly service make it worthwhile. Jypsy’s takes clothes on consignment, as well.

Resale Shops

Other Resale Stores

Several franchise stores round out the options for resale shopping in Corpus Christi. Items in these stores may or may not come from Corpus Christi closets as the stores often do sharing among sites across the country. Variety is the spice of life… Or is that shopping?

  • Clothes Mentor
    5118 S Staples St. (361) 929-5989
  • Plato’s Closet
    1360 Airline Road (361) 986-0033
  • Family Thrift Center
    4801 Ayers St. (361) 853-8891
  • Goodwill
    multiple locations

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