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How to Get Your 2020 Corpus Christi Beach Parking Permit

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

You can’t hug a beach! Well, you can, but it will make you really, really sandy. Instead, why not show your love for Corpus Christi beaches by purchasing a $12 2020 Beach Parking Permit?

1. Fees Go to Beach Maintenance

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Thousands of folks come to enjoy the coast. Our miles and miles of Corpus Christi beaches take a lot of moolah to keep them safe and easy to use. Beach Permit stickers provide income to keep the beaches clean. Permits are required for parking along certain sections of beach.

In addition to keeping trash off the beach, city and county parks departments work hard to ensure that the sand is firmly packed for drivability.

2. Where Are the Stickers Available?

photo by Visit Corpus Christi

Permit stickers are for sale and available year-’round at:

4. On What Parts of the Beach Are They Required?

Bright blue, numbered beach markers appear along the coastline. The numbering of these markers begins with smaller numbers to the northeast (the Port Aransas end) increasing to greater numbers to the southwest (towards Padre Island National Seashore).

To determine which areas require the permit, use this handy guide:

Corpus Christi / Port Aransas City Limits

  • (Marker 62) to Access Road 2 (Marker 98) - PERMIT REQUIRED
  • Access Road 2 (Markers 99) to Marker 103  - No Permit Required
  • Access Road 2 (Marker 99) to Newport Access Road (Marker 196) / Mustang Island State Park - No Permit Required
  • (Note: Park requires a separate entrance fee)
  • Newport Access Road (Marker 196) to Marker 230 - PERMIT REQUIRED 
  • Markers 230 to 234 (Padre Balli Park / Bob Hall Pier) - No Permit Required
  • Markers 234 to 252 - PERMIT REQUIRED
  • Markers 252 to 253 (Corpus Christi City Limits) to National Seashore (6.27 miles) - No Permit Required


Each 2020 Corpus Christi Beach Permit sticker is good through the end of the year and available for only $12. They make great gifts for your beach-going crew. Purchase one in advance and have it ready for your next Corpus Christi adventure!

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