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Sushi Spots in Corpus Christi

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

Sushi has been around since the 8th century but these Corpus Christi spots aren’t afraid to put a twist on a classic. What are you waiting for? Grab your wasabi and get to eating!

Water Street Oyster Bar

Sushi - Water Street Oyster Bar

Water Street has been serving up delicious seafood for decades but opened the sushi bar a handful of years ago much to the delight of visitors and locals alike. The signature roll, appropriately named the Water Street Roll, has Texas shrimp and blackened tuna paired with the spicy addition of red pepper, poblano cream sauce, and jalapeño ponzu. Bonus cool points for ordering a squid salad to start!

Scuttlebutt’s Seafood Bar & Grill

Sushi - Scuttlebutt’s Seafood Bar & Grill

Who needs a roll when a bowl is so much better? Scuttlebutt’s takes the idea of sushi and flips the script by serving an explosion of classic sushi flavors in the bowl of your choosing. Don’t worry about the usual order of multiple rolls because this tummy-filling entrée will make you smack your lips with happiness.

Rock And Roll Sushi Lounge

Sushi - Rock And Roll Sushi Lounge

When staring down so many choices on a sushi menu it’s hard to nar-row the field for placing an order, but with a combination like the Stevie Ray suddenly the answer becomes crystal clear. Named after the iconic Texas musician, Stevie Ray Vaughan, this roll filled with soft shell crab, cream cheese, and jalapeños is topped with seared tuna and smoked eel. Prepare not only for deliciousness but also a perfect homage to this roll’s legendary namesake.


Sushi - Drunkn’NoodleZ

Drunkn’NoodleZ brings a Man v. Food challenge to the table with the infamous “sushirrito.” It has everything fantastic about a sushi dining experience multiplied by 10 because it’s the size of a burrito! The best part? The entire thing is dusted with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and served with a side to match. It doesn’t get more Corpus Christi than that.

Island Time Sushi Bar and Seafood Grill

sushi - Island Time Sushi Bar and Seafood Grill

Move over Johnny Cash, because the Ring Of Fire is a legend in its own right. Not for the faint of heart, this spicy medley combines blackened tuna, serrano peppers, habanero ponzu and tograshi. Grab an extra slice of ginger to cleanse the pallet because this plate is sure to scorch even the bravest of tongues.

South Texas Sushi

Sushi - South Texas Sushi

The sky is the limit when it comes to South Texas Sushi’s most popu-lar dish: The Atomic Tuna Tower. This architectural wonder is con-structed of both blackened and fresh tuna in a spicy ponzu paired with avocado, cucumber, and a fresh cold crabslaw atop a bed of sushi rice. Although it is a beautiful sight to behold it’s an even better treat for the taste-buds!

In today’s world sushi artists have taken their craft to new levels of scrumptiousness, with restaurants in Corpus Christi being no excep-tion. You’ll be Instagramming your plate faster than you can say “an-other round of saké, please!”

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