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The Ultimate Corpus Christi Pokemon Go Guide - 2019 Edition

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas


Updated March 2019

With millions of active daily users, there’s no denying that Pokemon Go is still going strong, and its popularity in Corpus Christi hasn’t waned since its July 2016 release. Find new and seasoned Pokemon Go players with ample access to unique locations and opportunities to catch Pokemon, join raids, battle in Gyms, and stock up on Pokeballs and other items.


The Coastal Bend is home to a thriving Pokemon Go community. Head to the Pokemon GO - Corpus Christi public Facebook group or the CCTX Pokemon Go Discord server to share tips, coordinate raids, and foster camaraderie.

When it comes to teaming up, Team Valor and Team Mystic reign supreme in the area, though Team Instinct will often rally to keep things competitive between the three.


Trainers often marvel at the variety of Pokemon that spawn locally, particularly Water types. Unique to our coastal location is the availability of region-exclusive Pokemon such as Corsolas and Heracrosses.

So, where do you go to catch ‘em all? Check out some of the top places below to play Pokemon Go in Corpus Christi!



If you’re looking for the ultimate destination to get your PoGo game on, then look no further than downtown Corpus Christi! Here Trainers can find prolific spawn rates for a variety of Pokemon, including the regional Corsola and Heracross as well as rare spawns like Lapras and Snorlax.

The downtown area offers swift access to over 40 PokeStops, all within easy walking distance from each other. Looking to evolve that perfect IV Magikarp? A few sweeps down the Seawall or near the Corpus Christi Watergarden could put you further along in your quest!

Some of the best spots downtown include:

S.E.A. District

The S.E.A. (Sports, Entertainment, and Arts) District boasts some of the best spawn locations in Corpus Christi. Trainers exploring the areas around the Art Museum of South Texas, Whataburger Field, and the American Bank Center are sure to find a number of Flying, Water, Grass, and Rock types spawning in the area. The Corpus Christi Watergarden and Heritage Park are confirmed nests, which are noted to spawn certain Pokemon at a higher frequency; recent nest rotations include Shuppet, Jynx, Shroomish, and Skarmory.



Seawall/Corpus Christi Municipal Marina

Hatch eggs and earn plenty of candies walking along the Corpus Christi

Downtown Seawall and Corpus Christi Municipal Marina. The 1.5-mile waterfront promenade offers spectacular views of Corpus Christi Bay, and is lined with numerous Gyms and Pokestops, making it a great place to place lures and catch Pokemon during Community Day events.


Trainers can hit up PokeStops while simultaneously taking a “Voyage Through the Planets,” touring a replica of Christopher Columbus’ La Nina, or stopping to honor the memory of the late Tejano-legend Selena Quintanilla at Mirador de la Flor.


Art Center of Corpus Christi/Sherrill Park/The Water’s Edge

The Art Center of Corpus Christi hosts a variety of events throughout the year, and provides free admission to those wishing to tour its multiple art galleries. Located nearby are Sherrill Park and The Water’s Edge. These three locations serve as popular gathering places for Pokemon Go players looking to coordinate raids or battle at its 3 Gyms or stock up on items at its 8+ PokeStops. The location is another confirmed nest, with recent rotations including Bidoof, Sudowoodo, Chimchar, and Stantler.


Popular Eats!

You may be able to keep your Pokemon full with Pinaps and Nanabs, but us Trainers have to eat! The good news is that downtown Corpus Christi is host to number of local and well-known establishments where you can grab a drink or a bite to eat without having to give up the hunt!

Popular spots include:


Other Corpus Christi locations:

Though downtown Corpus Christi offers tons of opportunities for Pokemon Go players, there are many other locations throughout the city where Trainers can go to catch ‘em all.


North Beach

Located just across the Harbor Bridge, North Beach is home to popular attractions like the USS Lexington and the Texas State Aquarium, as well as a handful of beachside restaurants, gift shops, and, of course, Pokemon! Trainers who make the trek across the bridge (note: The Harbor Bridge has TWO PokeStops near its apex!) will be treated to over 5 Gyms and 15+ PokeStops, as well as lots of spawning locations offering a diverse collection of Water, Rock, Grass, and Bug types.


Cole Park

Cole Park is a bayside location that offers visitors and Pokemon Go players a multitude of entertainment opportunities, including an expansive playground, skate park, picnic areas, an open amphitheater, and lots of room to walk around. The park has 3 Gyms, 6 PokeStops, and is a confirmed nest, with recent rotations including Anoriths, Treekos, and Lileeps.


South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center

The South Texas Botanical Gardens & Nature Center is one of the area’s leading nature tourism destinations. It’s also a great place to find Grass, Flying, Bug, and Electric type Pokemon! With a variety of floral gardens, bird and animal exhibits, a butterfly garden, a children’s recreational area, and more, it’s a spot where Trainers and families can enjoy the great outdoors while battling in the Gardens’ 4 Gyms and hitting up its 8+ PokeStops.


Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Shakas up! The home of the Islanders is also home to 9 Gyms, 30+ PokeStops, a multitude of spawning locations, and a supportive Pokemon Go community! The college campus makes a great place to catch Pokemon, hatch eggs, and battle it out with the best. Accessible pathways away from vehicular traffic offer a great alternative to those who may find the hustle and bustle of downtown Corpus Christi daunting.

Things to note: Though the campus is open to the public, visitors are asked to use Visitor Parking, which is available for an hourly rate during the week in the Bayside Parking Garage. Parking is free and available in any open lot on weekends unless otherwise designated.


Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve & Learning Center

Positioned along Oso Bay, the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve & Learning Center is a 162-acre nature preserve where Trainers can catch ‘em all while enjoying the tranquility of Mother Nature. Those who visit the preserve will find 3 Gyms and 10 PokeStops nestled along 4 miles of nature trails. The location is also a confirmed nest, with Electabuzz being one of its most recent rotations. Trainers both young and old can leisurely catch Pokemon while enjoying the preserve’s playground, sensory garden playscape, and nature learning center.



While it’s not a Pokemon Center, be sure to stop by the Corpus Christi Visitor Information Center and speak to the Corpus Christi PokeExperts for detailed information and great deals on Corpus Christi’s best attractions!

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