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Corpus Christi: Your vacation destination with wellness on the itinerary

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas

Our health is arguably our most valuable investment. We all know that taking time out to recharge and enjoy ourselves is imperative when it comes to maintaining overall good health. But if you’ve found yourself apprehensive about booking that much-needed getaway for fear of sidetracking the good habits you’ve created, worry not!  Options abound in Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend to appease the hearts of visitors with both fun and wellness in mind.

Outdoor sweat sessions


With miles upon miles of glorious South Texas bay and gulf beaches to run on, lacing up your tennies for your daily cardio will be more delight than duty.


Location: Tule Creek Hike & Bike Trail, Rockport, TX

From urban landscapes with wide sidewalks that take you on a tour along the Corpus Christi Bay to equally scenic nature trails that wind through oak trees, marshlands and coastal prairies, the Coastal Bend has hiking, biking and jogging trails that will complement any wellness routine.


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With our bays, canals, tidal creeks, numerous paddling trails and the open waters of the Laguna Madre and Gulf of Mexico, you’ll have more trouble finding somewhere not to stand-up paddleboard (SUP) in the Coastal Bend. Not only is it an awesome workout, but it’s super fun, too!


Whether you’re looking for a leisurely guided tour through the trails or a more challenging paddle, hop in a kayak and get on the water. Not only will you get to enjoy the amazing views and wildlife, but your upper-body will love you/hate you for it later.


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The Texas surf culture is alive and well!  We’ve got wind and waves, just bring your board and prepare for a full-body workout that won’t disappoint. While you’re in town, make sure to stop by the Texas Surf Museum, the only surf museum on the Gulf Coast, for an awesome journey through the history of this popular water sport.


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Arms, core, legs…..all burning. If you’re looking for adventure coupled with a physical challenge, then kiteboarding should definitely be on your South Texas bucket list.


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Known as one of the top windsurfing destinations in the world, Corpus Christi has everything you need to try something new and get a killer workout all in one. Lessons are available to offer expert training that will get you on the water in no time.

Clean, green and all that’s healthy in between

Wellness is all about a healthy balance. Providing the physical challenges that your body needs to stay healthy and strong are part of that balance; sustaining it with good food choices is another. While there are certainly opportunities to fulfill indulgent cravings for visitors that have been saving up those cheat days, the Corpus Christi area also offers a variety of fresh, tasty, local and convenient options that’ll keep your green heart happy.


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The resurgence of the farmers’ market has hit the Coastal Bend! The Corpus Christi Downtown Farmers’ Market is available each Wednesday from 5:00p.m. – 8:00p.m. at the Art Center of Corpus Christi and the Southside Farmer’s Market is open Saturdays, 9:00a.m.—11:30a.m. With fresh, local options such as produce, eggs, meats, jams, artisan breads and more, these markets are all about cultivating healthier, more affordable food options with a strong desire to return to the basics. We hope you’ll be inclined to sample a few of our local offerings and maybe even take some home to enjoy!


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If you want local items that will make your body happy, visit Coastal Bend Health Foods, located in the delightful area of Rockport-Fulton, just north of Corpus Christi. This store is the public distribution point for locally and organically grown produce and pastured meat from Four String Farm, a pioneer farm in Rockport that uses old-fashioned farming techniques resulting in a natural product containing only wholesome goodness.


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With so much fresh seafood and wild game to enjoy in South Texas, it’s hard to pick just one restaurant that’s serving up deliciousness. But Glow, also located in Rockport-Fulton, prides itself on striving to provide these items daily to its guests. From bread baked fresh in-house to locally caught Snapper and more, you’ll want to stop at this adorable boat shop turned bistro as soon as possible.


Oftentimes, healthy doesn’t always equal convenient... except when you’re talking about the food trucks in Corpus Christi offering up wholesome options on the go. If you’re looking for local, organic and/or gluten-free, there’s a truck for you. And just because we love you, we’re making it even more convenient and getting them all in one place the last Friday of each month at A La Mano, a monthly gathering of food trucks, games, live music and more at North Bayfront Park in downtown Corpus Christi.

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