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What's New; Dia de los Muertos KICKS It Up A Notch

by Visit Corpus Christi Texas


The Dia de los Muertos Street Festival is an explosion of culture that perfectly embodies the core of Corpus Christi's soul. For the 10th year in a row, Dia de los Muertos will bring the streets of Downtown Corpus Christi to LIFE through the colors, music and people. Expect to find sugar skulls everywhere, art vendors lining the streets, music rumbling the ground and lots and lots of culture.

For the past decade the Dia de los Muertos festival has grown each year. Here are some new elements to the schedule of events this year.

3 New things to look out for in 2017:


1. Lucha KABOOM

 nacho libre nacho libre jackblack eaglepowers GIF

Lucha Libre wrestling is coming to Dia de los Muertos! This classic Mexican tradition of professional wrestling is action-packed and filled with colorful costumes. You can get up close and personal with the wrestlers for four different shows during the duration of the festival. Lucha KABOOM will be held in the Caller-Times parking lot in downtown Corpus Christi. So put your fighting mask on, get those tights ready and throw on your cape to cheer for your favorite luchadores! Purchase your tickets here.

2. Loteria Card Parade


Everyone loves a good game of Loteria--Dia de los Muertos is taking it to the next level with life-sized Loteria costumes parading around the streets of downtown Corpus Christi. This photo-worthy display brings a fun new twist to the traditional game. LA CHALUPA!

3. Community Mural


Get creative and leave your mark on downtown Corpus Christi! Take part in a community mural project at the festival. Stop by the kids zone to paint your part.

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