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Why The Hot Tamale Festival Will Be The Best Thing You Do in November

As the winds shift in Corpus Christi and you feel the promise of 70 degree weather in the air, November brings on a special feeling to your soul.  Gone are the days of the summer mid-drifts and pressures to have a swimsuit-ready body. Bring on the sweaters and TAMALES!

Corpus Christi welcomes an entire new festival celebrating the sheer wonderment and deliciousness of the almighty tamale. The Hot Tamale Festival is a free street festival to end all street festivals - simply because it’s about getting your tamale on!  Live music, TWO tamale contests and loads of fun, here’s a list of reasons why you can’t miss the Hot Tamale Festival on November 18 in downtown Corpus Christi.

1. All. The. Tamales.


In South Texas, tamales are more than a delicious piece of heaven to eat. Tamales are memories. Memories of making tamales with your family or pulling them from the steamer, hot and spicy and ready - just add your favorite dipping sauce.  Memories of debating whether ketchup is an appropriate way to dress your tamale (for the record, yes it is!). You see, tamales are more than maza with your favorite protein loaded into it. Tamales are life. So you could argue that the Hot Tamale Festival is all about celebrating LIFE!


2. The Most Creative Tamale Contest

tamale 1.png

It’s one thing to make tamales. But do you make them with flair? Do you make them with the latest trend in the foodie universe? Are you bringing a tamale to a whole other level?! The Hot Tamale Festival celebrates the innovations that come from the source with the Most Creative Tamale Contest.  


3. The Hot Tamale Eating Contest

tamale 3.png

South Texas prides itself on the heat. And it’s not just the summer temperatures we’re talking about. It’s the heat of spice. If you can’t handle the chile, you gotta get out of the region. The Hot Tamale Festival hosts a HOT tamale eating contest - but with a twist. It’s not how many you can handle in your mouth.  It’s the style in which you eat the hottest of the hot, the spiciest of the spice. Festival-goers can sign up for the contest and take away the crown for handling the heat! 


4. Culture, Culture, Culture

tamale 2.png

Mariachis, Folkorico dancers, unique vendors - the Hot Tamale Festival is crammed-packed with a great cultural experience. And an even better bonus? Part of the funds raised through the Hot Tamale Festival go to Chicas Rock. So simply attending the festival supports culture in the Coastal Bend!



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