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McGee Beach | Corpus Christi Bay Beaches

Family Waves

If you’re looking for somewhere close to downtown, look no farther than McGee Beach. Located on the Corpus Christi bay, this bustling beach is typically free from seaweed, clearing the azure waters for a picturesque view and great swimming. The location is superb, and convenient rentals are nearby. Children and adults alike can enjoy the calm waters.

McGee Beach Features:

  • Clean, manicured sand
  • Nearby free parking
  • Calm waters -- good for children or beginning swimmers
  • Jetty Fishing
  • No fear for families - facilities close by

Gentle Waves

Many of the beaches nearby have fairly substantial waves, a delight for surfers. McGee beach is more laid back, catering more to the sunbathing, swimming set. Beginning swimmers and children alike will love the calm waters at McGee Beach.

Jetty Fishing

If you’ve a hankerin’ for some anglin’, come on to the jetty! Here you can partake in the finest of jetty fishing, and who knows - You might just catch the big one!


Unlike many of the other beaches in the area, there is no driving on the beach and therefore no parking permits are required. Feel free to grab a spot along Shoreline Blvd, or cross to the parking lots directly across the way from the beach.

Nearby facilities

Families can breathe easy at McGee Beach. There are restroom facilities nearby, as well as a bevy of rental opportunities. If you forgot to bring any of your equipment, never fear - you can rent anything you need for the day. The close proximity to downtown means that you probably won’t have far to go to return to your hotel at the end of a tiring day.

What You Need To Know

  • Entrance Fees: None
  • Hours: 24/7 365 days a year
  • Parking: No parking on the beach! Free street parking is located nearby.
  • There are public restrooms

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